Student Testimonials

ACA students were asked to write why they like ACA. Here are some of the responses:

IMG_2370I love ACA because God blessed us with amazing teachers and students. He also blessed us with the best principal. I love the way the teachers have taught me through all the years I have been here. This school is my guide to success. I love the way that teachers help other students. I love to see other people in the school helping other people; that just warms my heart. I love that here is a church built into this school and to see other people share their love for God. That just makes me smile. I can’t believe the way people have turned out from over the years. And to see the way they have made me into a young woman. This school is my most favorite in the world.

A fourth grader




I love ACA because we learn God’s Word. My favorite thing is learning about the Holy Spirit at Chapel.

A kindergarten student






There are many reasons that I like ACA. I love that all my friends and teachers are just so kind. I love all of the specials and they are so enjoyable. I love every minute. Every day there is something new and exciting to learn. My favorite part is learning about Jesus Christ and memorizing lots of different Bible verses. Every year at ACA is a happy, memorable one. Everyone has good qualities, and I am so blessed to be at a Christian school.

A third grader





IMG_2372ACA is an amazing school, and I never want to leave. The students and teachers are so caring and sweet. Every special is fun, and they all are my favorites.  I have been at ACA since pre-school, and I have made the best memories here. I know almost every teacher, and they all love Jesus. Without ACA, I would not have known and love God as much as I do today. Everything at ACA is an absolute joy. Everybody here is a wonderful blessing from the Lord and is a gift. The school is a very friendly, cheery place to be, and we learn all we need.  I love this school so much! I hope I can be at ACA for every grade! From coming to school, to going home, I love every single moment. I cannot believe I have been at ACA for over five years, and all the years I have been here, I have never wanted to go to a new school. All my friends are loving, caring, and smart. I would have never known them if I did not go to school here. Every year, laugh, and smiles here are great blessings to me. –A fourth grader



      I love Alpharetta Christian Academy. At ACA it is awesome. You do a lot of fun things at ACA such as specials, learning, and play.

      My first favorite thing about ACA is specials. there are six specials at ACA. The first special I like is media. I like media because you get to meet the best media teacher ever, Mrs. Hewett. You also get to color, read, and check out books. She knows exactly what book to read. Mrs. Hewett is awesome and so is media! But that’s not all. Mrs. Hewett can get any book in the library really fast. My second favorite thing about ACA is learning. I like learning because in third grade you learn algebra, long division, Shurley English, and more. My favorite one is math. I like math because you learn something new every day. My third favorite thing that I love about ACA is play. I like play because you get to talk with friends.

                                                      The best part of school though is Bible. Bible is awesome! The best story in the Bible to me is about Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection. The Bible has a lot of other stories too though. ACA is a Christian school, but it is also a church! (Go out and be the church.) The church is fun too. They have the nicest people ever.

     Out of all the school in the world, I would choose no other than ACA.

A third grader




ACA is the best school because we have the best principal in the whole entire world, and I love him so so so so so so so so so so so much. I like phonics too and I like math and tests and I like cursive because it is fun to write fast. And I loe m teachers so so so so so so so much and I like going to chapel every Thursday and I love to play with my friends and I like to care for them.

A first grader





The reason why I think our school is so awesome is because the teachers are awesome, a smart collection of classwork, and incredibly sweet friends. 

I am so glad that I am able to be here. Literally, best school EVER! If I could name all the reasons why I like this school, the moon would be colonized before I was even halfway through. But let e name a couple of favorites: my friends, staff, and learning about Jesus. Speaking of which, I am so, so so, so glad that our school is a private school. I’d rather be home schooled than go back to a public school.

a fourth grader