November Eagle’s Eye


Ways of the Ancestors Educates and Entertains

Everyone always looks forward to the annual visit from Ways of the Ancestors. He shows the students how early ancestors dressed, hunted, and made good use of the resources that they had. Highlights include learning how to make a fire, dress in furs, and going inside the tepee. Because the presentation is geared to the age group, students watch year after year and still learn new information.

Students Celebrate Thanksgiving With Feasts

Students enjoyed Thanksgiving feasts, with thanks to the parents who cooked, served, decorated, and made the celebrations possible. Thank you, parents and teachers!

Threes Enjoy Pajamas And Pancakes

During the threes day and night unit, they enjoyed activities special to day and night. A favorite activity was a pajama day when they were able to eat pancakes and read If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff.

ACA Chorus Serenades Morningside Residents

The chorus enjoyed singing to the residents at Morningside Assisted Living Home. After singing several Christmas songs, they presented the residents with Christmas cards made by the students in art class.

Pre-K Nurtures Love of Books

Pre-K students and teachers have had a lot of fun with their book unit. During the week, students were able to select a favorite book and dress as one of the characters.

ACA Celebrates and Honors Veterans

ACA held a special veteran’s day chapel to celebrate and honor veterans. Students and parents enjoyed special speakers who spoke of their service and how we could help veterans’ families. The veterans’ slide show and the flag folding ceremony with the meaning of each fold were a somber reminder of the sacrifices made and the youth of many of our service members.

Third Graders Deliver Supplies to Canine Assistants

For the service project, the third grade collected supplies for Canine Assistants. They delivered the supplies and toured the facilities. Of course, the favorite part was meeting the puppies.

First and Second Grades Visit Tellus Science Museum

The first and second grades visited Tellus Science Museum for their fall field trip. First graders participated in a weather program. Second graders learned about the phases of matter, which included making ice cream. Both grades visited the galleries and the planetarium.

Eagle’s Eye September 2017

Cross Country Team Excels At First Meet

The ACA cross country team showed great sportmanship and perseverance at their first meet of the season at Perimeter School. Unseasonably hot weather did not deter the runners from fast running and great performances on a challenging two mile course. We are proud of our team!

Preschoolers Learn With Apples

Every fall, preschoolers enjoy an apple-themed week. Activities with apples include cooking, painting, counting, cutting, stacking, tasting, graphing, and other related learning activities. It’s always a favorite with students and teachers alike.

Third Graders Visit City Hall, Police

The third graders walked across the street to study city government. They sat in the Alpharetta council chambers for a Q & A with Mayor Belle Isle. Afterwards, they were thrilled to sit in the SWAT truck and listen to the officer tell about his job and his gear. Finally, they watched canine Officer Tappan demonstrate his dog Mattis’s skills.

Hats Help Hurricane Victims

To help recent hurricane victims, students were able to wear hats for any donation to Samaritan’s Purse. Students raised over $3000 to help victims and spread the love of Christ.


Mrs. Tina’s pre-k class made American flags to be mailed to some of our deployed soldiers, including one of their classmate’s father.


Third Grade Serves The City

 Together with FBCA, the fifth grade served the City of Alpharetta workers a Jim and Nick’s barbecue lunch in appreciation for their service. This event has become a tradition that the students look forward to. They enjoyed greeting all the workers and thanking them for their service. In addition to serving food, the children presented each first responder with a First Responder’s Bible, which contained a hand-written note from an ACA student.


Eagle’s Eye – May 2017 Part Two

Pre-K Students Ready For Kindergarten

Pre-k students graduated in caps and gowns in front of families and friends. During the ceremony they lead the congregation in pledges to the American flag, Christian flag, and the Bible and sang several songs for the parents. The children have learned their letters and sounds, and put them together to form words in addition to science and social studies topics such as weather, space, and community helpers. It is always an emotional time seeing them graduate, but we are confident that they will be successful at the next level.

Students Celebrate Cultural Day

Elementary students enjoyed the second annual Cultural Day. Each class selected a country to research and present to the other classes. Students turned their research into video and slideshow presentations, cooked authentic food to share, and gathered items to show. The event was a fun way to learn about other cultures.

First Grade Studies Animals At Zoo

The first grade class took a field trip to the Atlanta Zoo for their Fur, Feathers, and Scales program. After the program, in which they learned how the animals’ coverings help them in the wild, the children were able to explore the zoo.

Preschoolers Enjoy Day With Inflatables

As part of the end of the year celebrations, the preschool enjoyed time with inflatables securely fastened in the gym. All students looked forward to this special time of free play.

Chorus Serenades Residents At Morningside Assisted Living

The chorus took its spring trip to Morningside Assisted Living to sing to its residents. After they sang their three planned songs, Mr. Case spontaneously sat down to the piano, and the chorus and residents together sang “Jesus Loves Me.” The residents and children were then able to conclude their visit with some conversation.

Students Review Memories At Yearbook Signing

All elementary students at ACA receive a yearbook and wonder what pictures will be in it. After months of anticipation, students gather in one room for a time of yearbook signing.

Students Close Out Year At Field Day

The final day of school was a fun field day. Everyone enjoyed testing their skills with hula hoops, water balloons, relay races, tug of war, and other games. Thank you to Mrs. Harton and all the volunteers who made this day possible!

Honors Day Celebrates All Students

ACA believes all students have achievements worth honoring, and we do that at the annual Honors Day program. In addition to the classroom accomplishments, we recognized several Duke TIP qualifiers and many honor roll recipients.

Students Defeat Staff At Pin Guard

The fifth grade challenged the staff to a pin guard game the last week of school. With deafening cheers in the background, the fifth grade handily defeated the staff.

Eagle’s Eye March 2017

Families Build Robots At STEM Wars

Families enjoyed ACA’s first STEAM themed family night conducted by Challenge Island. Families grouped into tribes (teams) to work together to first build robots and then rockets, which were later launched in the gym. Both were built from recycled household materials and required teamwork and creativity. In the process, relationships were strengthened. 

Tennis Team Completes First Matches

The ACA tennis team has played its first two matches and performed very well. We are very proud of the way the kids have played and improved throughout the year. Besides the game of tennis, this experience is teaching them sportsmanship and determination.Thank you, Mrs. Troke, Mrs. Harton, and Mr. Will for working with the team, and thank you, parents, for bringing the kids to practice and to the meets!

Pre-K Students Honor Mothers With Tea

Each year, the pre-k classes honor their mothers with a special tea. The children work hard to learn a song to sing for their mothers and make gifts that can always be used to remember the time that they were young. Thank you, mothers for all you do for your children! 

Science Fair Winners Show Outstanding Research Skills

 Congratulations to our science fair winners. Ryan Blosser won first place with his experiments to show which chocolate melts first. Abigail Martin’s band aid experiments earned her second place. Sydney Auterson was awarded third place for her study of the knuckle ball’s dancing behavior. We are proud of our winners and all the participants.

Talent Show Entertains Families

Each year ACA offers elementary students an opportunity to showcase their talent. This year we were entertained by piano, dancing, singing, and comedy. Thank you to Mr. Case and all the students who were so willing to work hard for the pleasure of others. They did a great job!

Pre-K Gets All Fired Up

Each spring pre-k students walk to All Fired Up to see the kiln and paint a tile. The children think it’s a fun adventure and enjoy the creative process.

The Science Academy Presents Grandpa’s Attic

The Science Academy presented the program Grandpa’s Attic to the elementary students. Mr. Estes brought his extensive collection of specimens which include an 80 foot boa skin. He was able to teach the children about the many animals and insects he had acquired through the years and teach them how they could start their own collection. 

Eagle’s Eye – February 2017

Students Get STEAMed At Challenge Island

Elementary students thoroughly enjoyed their STEAM workshop provided by Challenge Island. Students were formed into teams, or “tribes,” in which they were to work together to build and decorate a new white house with the materials provided to them. Not only did they have to use their creativity, but they also had to work together to accomplish a common goal. In the process, we saw a lot of laughter, creativity, and enthusiasm.


Students Have Heart With Random Acts of Kindness

ACA students were challenged to think about how they can show kindness to others. As a visual reminder, children caught performing a kindness were given a heart to place on a larger heart on display in the hallway.

Preschool Enjoys Space, Dinosaurs

The preschool enjoyed February with topics such as space and dinosaurs. We are grateful for the creativity of our teachers which makes learning fun.

Valentines Store Raises Money For Service

The fourth and fifth grades combined lessons on entrepreneurship with service. Each student planned, produced, advertised, and sold hand-made products in a Valentines store. The students kept track of their costs, and the profits will be used to buy supplies and make bracelets for female cancer patients through Feel Beautiful Today. This organization distributes the bracelets to cancer victims to let them know they are loved and to bring cheer and beauty. 

Preschoolers Enjoy Visit From Dentist

Three year olds and pre-k students were treated to a visit from Alpharetta Children’s Dentistry. They learned what happens during a trip to the dentist, what foods are healthy, and how to brush and floss.

ACA Loves Tennis

ACA has started a tennis team lead by Mrs. Troke and Mrs. Harton. They have been practicing on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and have several tournaments scheduled. We are excited to have sports at ACA!

Third Grade Raises Money for Foster Children

The third grade raised $290 through a hat day to purchase birthday supplies for foster children. The supplies will be distributed through the organization Foster Cares

Moms Honored With Muffins

Students always love to have their moms come to their class for Muffins with Moms. At ACA, we like to honor the mothers who are so important to their children.

Second Grade Presents Famous Americans

The second grade researched a famous American and dressed up to present their projects to the first grade. This is always a fun and educational way for the children to view history. 

Valentine Fun

Thank you to all the parents who made the Valentines parties so fun and festive! We appreciate all your help to make special days great.



Eagle’s Eye – December 2016

Elementary Students Perform “The Christmas County Spelling Bee”

Each Christmas, elementary students perform a Christian-themed Christmas musical. This year we enjoyed “The Christmas County Spelling Bee” in which a spelling bee was used to assign parts in the nativity play. After the parts were assigned, the Christmas story with scripture was acted and recited. All elementary aged children had a part, whether it was in the play or in the chorus. Thank you, Mr. Case for all your hard work!

Preschoolers Perform Christmas Songs

The three year olds and the pre-k students enjoyed performing Christmas songs for friends and family in their own separate programs. The three year old children looked adorable in their Christmas pajamas while they enthusiastically sang Christmas songs. The pre-k students entertained the audience with traditional Christmas carols while wearing Christmas colors.

Chorus Serenades Others For Christmas

The ACA chorus was busy this December. As always, they sang on stage for the City of Alpharetta Tree Lighting. They did not let the rain bother them and sounded beautiful and strong for all present. The following week, they walked to Dogwood Assisted Living home to sing for the residents. Everyone always enjoys this opportunity to visit the seniors.

Christmas Chapel Celebrates Reason For Season

The final family chapel of 2016 celebrated the birth of Jesus.  Students and staff read scriptures and stories that highlighted story of Christmas and the reason Jesus came to Earth. The readings and music reminded us to focus on Jesus during the Christmas season.

Three Year Olds Enjoy Making Baby Jesus 

Each year, the three year olds make a baby Jesus and place him in the manger. With this project, the children learn that Jesus is God’s gift to them.

Christmas Store Was a Success

The Eagle’s Club operated the Christmas Store, giving students the opportunity to shop for friends and family. Profits of just over $500 benefit ACA. Thank you, Eagle’s Club, for all the hard work. The transitional kindergarten children also joined in the fun by selling homemade ornaments.

T-K  Presents Thanksgiving Play

  The transitional kindergarten class presented the Thanksgiving story in a short play. The children dressed as Pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys, and corn and all had a part to present.


Thank you for everything the parents and teachers did to help all our students understand why we celebrate Thanksgiving and to enjoy their celebration.

Eagle’s Eye October 2016


Fifth Graders Honor City Of Alpharetta Workers With Lunch

The fifth graders showed appreciation to the City of Alpharetta workers by serving them a Jim and Nicks barbecue lunch on Thursday, September 8 at Wills Park. The fifth grade worked with FBCA to thank the city workers for all they do to help our community. The students agreed that they enjoyed seeing the city workers smile when they received their food. Some servers were excited to receive treasured junior firefighter and police badges when serving. According to Mackenzie, “We got to give them a break from working at the fire or police station.” Mason said that he “enjoyed seeing the smiles of the hard working people” when he and his friends served the cookies.


Close Encounters of the Civics Kind

To kick off their study of communities and local government, the third grade walked across the street to the Alpharetta City Hall for an up close and personal civics lesson. The morning began in the counsel chambers with Coty Thigpen, the city clerk, explaining how the city council functions and makes decisions. Mayor Belle Isle then came in for a question and answer session with the children. After their time with the mayor, the students walked outside to the Fire Safety House, where the firefighters taught the children fire safety procedures, including stop, drop, and roll. After learning fire safety, they got to go in the SWAT transport vehicle and learn the importance of the the SWAT team. Finally, they witnessed a K9 demonstration and were amazed at the obedience and skills of Mattis, the police dog. To cap off a great trip, they were able to pet Mattis.
When the children were asked  what they liked about the trip, most agreed that they enjoyed meeting Mattis and seeing him capture a person (a police officer with padding). Jax said, “I liked the part when he bit the police.” Others loved the fire safety house. Jake said, “I loved jumping out of the window and then stop drop and roll.”  Audrey enjoyed seeing the mayor. “But the cool thing was that he taught me that just because he was the mayor, he’s just like any other person in the whole world!”


Cross Country Begins At ACA

ACA is very proud of the fourth and fifth graders who practiced and competed with the school’s first cross country team. This inaugural year was in preparation for the start of middle school in 2017. The students successfully competed with middle school students in two meets, with all showing improvement in the second meet.


The Farm Comes to ACA

Preschoolers completed their farm unit, which is a perennial favorite of teachers and students alike. Of course, the farm animal visit is always popular, providing children and teachers with the chance to pet rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, and a baby pig. In the classroom, lessons were fun and creative, including milking a cardboard cow and learning the strength of eggs.


It’s Time For Operation Christmas Child!

Fall at ACA means preparing for Operation Christmas Child. Fourth and fifth grade students quickly and efficiently assembled over 800 boxes for you to take, fill, and return November 19, 20, and 21. This Samaritan’s Purse program sends boxes of Christmas gifts to needy children all over the world and shares the love of Jesus. This is the only gift most, if not all, these children receive. There are boxes available for you to pick up in the school office. The paper work and mailing fee may be completed online. If completed online, Samaritan’s Purse will send an email to let you know where your box was sent.


Students Honor Dads With Doughnuts 

Thank you, Dads and Dad representatives, for spending time with your child at Doughnuts with Dad. The doughnuts and gifts are only a small thank you for all your leadership and love in the life of your child.


Organic Farming at Moss Hill Farm

 Fourth and fifth grade students visited Moss Hill Farm in Cumming to learn about organic farming. There they learned how modern farming has depleted the nutrients in the soil, but organic farming methods return nutrients to the ground. The students especially enjoyed tasting the vegetables, which they were able to pick directly off the plant. Among the plants tasted were peas, Swiss chard, sage, and parsley. They also liked seeing the seeds and the fish in the clean, spring-fed pond. Overall, it was a fun and very informative trip.


Fourth Graders Study American Patriots

Fourth graders dressed, reported, and presented on a chosen American Patriot.These patriots could be real, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., or propaganda, such as Rosie the Riveter. This project followed a study of their own family history, when they shared information about an interesting ancestor.


Pre-K Students Camp Out

As part of their unit on forest animals, pre-k students made s’mores and had the pleasure of eating them in a tent. The children enjoyed eating their treat and looking around with the binoculars and telescopes that they made.

Eagle’s Eye Newsletter – May 2016

pre-k graduation

Pre-K Students Graduate!

Our pre-k students graduated May 19 in caps and gowns. Before receiving their diplomas, they entertained families with several songs, including a contemporary Christian song. We are proud of them for all the progress they have made both in academics and in character and have enjoyed watching them grow and develop through the years. Thank you for trusting us with your students.

honors day

Teachers Honor Students

Each year ACA holds Honor’s Day the last week of school. The teachers highlight and award each student with his or her accomplishments, whether it be math, science, Spanish, or citizenship. We believe that each student is special and worth recognition and enjoy rewarding them for a job well done.

Field Day

School Year Finishes With Fun

Everyone said good bye to the school year with a fun field day. Students enjoyed games of tug of war, water relays, ball relays, hula hoops, and other fun activities. The screams, laughter, and smiles let us know that everyone was having a great time. By the time the morning was complete, the students were voluntarily wet, tired, and happy. Thank you to all the parents who came to help. We could not have had such a successful and fun event without your help.


Pre-K Students Tour Publix

Pre-K students enjoyed walking to Publix for a tour of the store. They learned about the different departments, watched pineapples get cut and cored, saw the baker make icing roses, and learned about fish in the seafood department. The children and adults found it both informative and entertaining.


Yearbook Signing Signals End of Year

Each year, all kindergarten and older students receive a yearbook. As part of ACA tradition, the last week of school the yearbooks are simultaneously revealed to everyone. All students look forward to gathering in Kid City to sign their friends’ yearbooks. It’s an exciting time that marks the passage of another year and enables us to look forward to summer and a new year.

cultural day

Students Celebrate Cultural Day

Grades second through sixth celebrated ACA’s first cultural day with food, costumes, and presentations. This year students learned about Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and Hawaii as they traveled from culture to culture to taste local foods and drinks and learn about the areas represented. Student guides presented information to the student travelers to educate them on their chosen culture. As always, we would like to thank the parents for helping us make this fun activity possible.

Teacher Appreciation

Thank You For Teacher Appreciation

Parents and students did an outstanding job of showing kindness to their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Each class showed a lot of thoughtfulness to their teachers, and the teacher and staff treats were wonderful!. Everything was delicious, including the breakfast on Monday, the cookies on Tuesday, the taco soup on Wednesday, the fruit on Thursday, and the fantastic luncheon on Friday.  The gift cards and money we received were so appreciated and a wonderful surprise! We all felt so appreciated!

Smart TVs Installed In Classrooms

Thanks to the PTO’s fundraising efforts and the generosity of parents, smart TVs and Apple TV have been installed in all the elementary classrooms. Teachers and students immediately began to use them.


Thomas the Train Gives Rides to Preschoolers

Each year as part of transportation week, Thomas the Train comes to give all the children rides around the parking lot. It is one of the favorite events for the preschool.


Kindergarten Explores Elachee Nature Center

The kindergarten students traveled to the Elachee Nature Center in Gainesville. There they enjoyed learning about bats in a bat exhibit and about stars in a planetarium. Also, they found the reptile house fascinating, and the bus ride just as much fun as the visit itself!



Eagle’s Eye Newsletter, April 2016

fire truck

Preschool Enjoys Fire Truck, Safety Truck

One of the highlights of the preschool’s year is the when the firemen come for transportation week. This year the firemen brought the fire safety truck. The children learned safety rules, including stop, drop, and roll, and meeting at the mailbox.

rock eagle

Fifth and Sixth Grades Attend Rock Eagle 4-H Camp

The fifth and sixth grades made the annual trip to Rock Eagle 4-H Center, where they learned about lake ecology, canoeing, and pioneer tools. It was a great opportunity for hands-on learning and for bonding.

all fired up

Pre-K Students Get All Fired Up

Pre-k students enjoyed walking to All Fired Up to paint a tile. It’s one of the special privileges that comes with being a big kid!


Fifth, Sixth Grades Plant Garden

The fifth and sixth grades planted a garden near the playground as part of their botany study. Before building the planting boxes, they calculated the perimeter and area to determine the correct size of the materials. They hope to harvest the food and use it to make a meal.


Second Graders Explore At Tellus

The second grade traveled to the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville. There they learned about stars, constellations, space, and fossils. As always, this was an informative and enjoyable field trip.

Atlanta History Center

Third Grade Visits Atlanta History Center

The third grade visited the Atlanta History Center where they participated in the program “In Their Moccasins-Cherokee’s Journey of Change.” In this program, they learned about the Trail of Tears and followed the Cherokee’s cultural changes. They were able to speak with reenactment actors, touch actual Cherokee items, and experience the historical stops in the Center’s Quarry Garden.

zoo and career

Pre-K Students Learn About Zoo,Careers

As part of their study of community helpers, students in Mrs. Julie and Mrs. Lori’s class dressed as their future profession. Among the desired professions were an astronaut, doctors, and athletes. Later, as part of their zoo unit, the children created a habitat for their chosen animal and learned facts that they could present to parents.

March Eagle’s Eye Newsletter

talent show

science fair

Talent show, Art Show, Science Fair

The annual talent show, art show, and science fair was March 17. Talent show acts included a magician, piano, comedy acts, singing, and dancing. All the students performed fabulously and thoroughly entertained the audience. The fourth through sixth grade science fair projects were insightful and well-researched. Congratulations to the following winners: Valerie Castleberry (first place), Natalie Stevens (second place), and Kenan Obaitan and Mackenzie Tourville (third place). Finally, each student had a beautiful work of art on display and available for purchase. We are very proud of all of our students!

Pre-K Students Honor Mothersmothers tea

Pre-K Students Honor Mothers

Every year, mothers of pre-k students are treated to a special Mother’s Tea. Mothers are entertained by songs, receive special gifts, and are served cake and sandwiches. We appreciate how important you are in the life of your child!

hi touch hi tech

Hi Touch Hi Tech Provides Hands-On Learning

In March, Hi Touch Hi Tech made their annual trip to ACA  for their fun, hands-on field trips. Students learned about either rocks and minerals, plants, or space.

threads of love collage

Fourth Through Sixth Grades Visit Threads of Love

Through their sales of Valentine candy grams and the Valentines store, the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades raised a total of $940 for Threads of Love. To learn more about the organization, the children visited the kind ladies who sew for Threads of Love. They were able to see how they sew tiny blankets and clothes for sick or premature babies. In addition to blankets and clothes, they also sew tiny dolls which the parents sleep with before transferring them into the infants’ cribs. This way the infants get used to the parents’ smells. We are proud of how the students grew their resources through business to help others and remind them that God’s love is with them.

cfa family night

CFA Family Fun Night

Thank you to everyone who came to Chick-fil-A Family Fun Night. We had a great turnout and a lot of fun! Everyone always enjoys the sundae bar, the prize wheel, and of course, time with friends. Chick-fil-A always generously donates ten percent of the night’s sales to the school.

Dr. seuss

Pre-K Students Have Fun with Dr. Seuss

Each year, pre-K students enjoy a Dr. Seuss themed week. Not only do they enjoy dressing as a Dr. Seuss character, but they also enjoy making and eating green eggs and ham!

egg hunt

Preschoolers Enjoy Egg Hunts!

Preschool children enjoyed egg hunts and Easter parties with their class. At ACA we enjoy teaching the children about the death and resurrection of Jesus, while at the same time valuing the innocence of childhood activities such as egg hunts.

pre-k library

Pre-K Visits Alpharetta Library

Pre-K and transitional students enjoyed walking to the new Alpharetta Public Library. The librarian did a fabulous job showing the children the different parts of the library and entertaining them with an interactive story time. We are excited to have this resource so close!