Elementary Students Grow Together in Faith, Friendships, Academics, and Achievements.



Alpharetta Christian Academy is open to all students regardless of race, color, creed or national origin. Applicants for all classes must have attained class age by September 1. ACA provides a loving environment which has the flexibility to meet the needs of individual students. Teachers use phonics to provide the basis for reading. Math builds on concepts which are continuously reviewed to increase the retention of math knowledge. Emphasis is placed on math facts, which lay the foundation for higher level thinking. In addition, elementary students participate in Spanish, P.E., art, media, music, computer, chorus, drama, etiquette, and character development.

At Alpharetta Christian Academy, students are learning that they can make a difference in the world. Beginning in kindergarten, each grade participates in at least one service project. Projects are age appropriate, ranging from kindergartners donating shoe boxes to Operation Christmas Child to fifth graders serving lunch to City of Alpharetta workers. Whether it's serving those outside the school or courtesy in the classroom, ACA students learn to consider and actively help others.

On Thursday mornings, students have the opportunity to attend Binder Buddies before school. It is a class where students learn organizational and study skills. With the assistance of the teacher, they clean out backpacks and check agendas, which are a crucial component to learning self-sufficiency and organizational skills. Once this is done, they study spelling words.

"I had to write to let you know how impressed I am with how much my son is learning and progressing after just one week at ACA. He read to me tonight and I almost cried tears of joy! His reading has improved so much in just one week. I know he still has a long way to go, but I am seeing improvement and I am so thankful. After spending 3 years going round and round with the teachers and administration at his former school, I am overjoyed that he is finally receiving the attention and help that he needs. This is truly an answer to prayer! After seeing the improvement in only one week, I am encouraged he will be a fluent reader (finally!) by the end of the year. A huge thank you to his teachers for all of their work with my son as well as the other children. We are so thankful that God lead us to ACA!

a parent of a second grader