The Eagle’s Eye May 2017 – Part One

Second and Third Grades Explore Tellus Science Museum

The second and third grades enjoyed their trip to Tellus Science Museum, where the third grade learned about galactic weather, and the second grade learned about the states of matter. Both classes explored the galleries and saw a program in the planetarium. The large pendulum in the foyer was a popular attraction for all the students.

Teachers Thankful for Parents

Thank you, ACA Parents, for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week! We appreciate all the work you did to make the week special. Room moms decorated each door, brought food and flowers, provided a lot of food, and ended with a beautiful and delicious luncheon. Thank you, for making all of us feel special!

Fifth Grade Learns Marine Ecology at Tybee

The fifth grade class took an adventure to the Burton 4H Center on Tybee Island. The students stayed busy exploring and learning about the marsh and the ocean. Indoor lessons included dissections of marine life. It was a great time of learning, friendships, and exercise.

Preschoolers Are Transported by Train

Each year, the preschool studies transportation in the spring. As a special treat, Thomas the Train comes to give them a long ride around the parking lot.This event is one that the children look forward to every year that they are in preschool.

Kindergarten Gets Back to Nature at Elachee

The kindergarten visited Elachee Nature Center for its spring field trip. There they learned about space and the constellations and hiked the nature trail.

Atlanta Opera Performs Cinderella

The elementary school enjoyed watching the Atlanta Opera’s lively performance of Cinderella.The students and faculty all enjoyed the production and increased their appreciation of the arts.