Eagle’s Eye – May 2017 Part Two

Pre-K Students Ready For Kindergarten

Pre-k students graduated in caps and gowns in front of families and friends. During the ceremony they lead the congregation in pledges to the American flag, Christian flag, and the Bible and sang several songs for the parents. The children have learned their letters and sounds, and put them together to form words in addition to science and social studies topics such as weather, space, and community helpers. It is always an emotional time seeing them graduate, but we are confident that they will be successful at the next level.

Students Celebrate Cultural Day

Elementary students enjoyed the second annual Cultural Day. Each class selected a country to research and present to the other classes. Students turned their research into video and slideshow presentations, cooked authentic food to share, and gathered items to show. The event was a fun way to learn about other cultures.

First Grade Studies Animals At Zoo

The first grade class took a field trip to the Atlanta Zoo for their Fur, Feathers, and Scales program. After the program, in which they learned how the animals’ coverings help them in the wild, the children were able to explore the zoo.

Preschoolers Enjoy Day With Inflatables

As part of the end of the year celebrations, the preschool enjoyed time with inflatables securely fastened in the gym. All students looked forward to this special time of free play.

Chorus Serenades Residents At Morningside Assisted Living

The chorus took its spring trip to Morningside Assisted Living to sing to its residents. After they sang their three planned songs, Mr. Case spontaneously sat down to the piano, and the chorus and residents together sang “Jesus Loves Me.” The residents and children were then able to conclude their visit with some conversation.

Students Review Memories At Yearbook Signing

All elementary students at ACA receive a yearbook and wonder what pictures will be in it. After months of anticipation, students gather in one room for a time of yearbook signing.

Students Close Out Year At Field Day

The final day of school was a fun field day. Everyone enjoyed testing their skills with hula hoops, water balloons, relay races, tug of war, and other games. Thank you to Mrs. Harton and all the volunteers who made this day possible!

Honors Day Celebrates All Students

ACA believes all students have achievements worth honoring, and we do that at the annual Honors Day program. In addition to the classroom accomplishments, we recognized several Duke TIP qualifiers and many honor roll recipients.

Students Defeat Staff At Pin Guard

The fifth grade challenged the staff to a pin guard game the last week of school. With deafening cheers in the background, the fifth grade handily defeated the staff.