Alpharetta Christian Academy Middle School


The Alpharetta Christian Academy Difference

Parents understand that school choice is one of the most important decisions that they can make. Alpharetta Christian Academy is proud of its passion, dedication, and commitment to providing an exceptionally high quality education that will prepare students for high school and college. We strive to make Alpharetta Christian Academy one of the top choices in Christian education in the Atlanta market due to the value, safe environment, and our commitment to excellence in all that we do.

At Alpharetta Christian Academy, we are not just a school, we are a family. We believe in a family centered environment for learning where students are known and cared for, where students are challenged to reach their greatest potential, and where students receive the individual attention which is so important to their character and academic development. Our teachers have an intellectual curiosity and a passion for teaching, nurturing, and serving students. Here, friendships are formed that will last through eternity.  At ACA, your child is not a statistic but a part of a family - the Alpharetta Christian Academy family.

Alpharetta Christian Academy believes in a balanced educational experience for our students that will reach the whole child. Our focus on academics demonstrates that educating students at the highest level is our top priority. We recognize that athletics is a great way to build a student’s self-esteem and  confirms the importance of teamwork. A commitment to the Fine Arts ensures that our well-rounded students experience areas such as music, dance, and theater. Our commitment to service instills in each student the importance of following Christ’s example of serving others and giving back to our community.  Our commitment to faith recognizes that there is a purpose and meaning to life and that life is valuable.  Having a right relationship with our Creator comes with having a biblical worldview and transforms us for a life of productivity and service (Romans 12:2).  Alpharetta Christian Academy has been serving primarily Fulton, Cherokee, and Forsyth County families with an option for a solid Christian education in a safe and nurturing environment since 2000.  We view your child’s education as more than just brick and mortar, more than programs, more than state standards, more than test scores.  We view your child’s education from an eternal perspective.  Not only will we endeavor to fulfill our mission statement, but we will also intentionally strive to make a positive difference in each student that we serve.  We understand that the middle school years are very critical.  This is the time that students are transitioning from children to young adults.  They are experiencing many changes in their lives.  They desire independence, yet still need structure.  Research indicates that many students at this age are vulnerable to being led astray in so many ways.  They face new challenges with peer pressure, social media, entertainment, and differing messages.  At Alpharetta Christian Academy, we will equip our students to be able to handle the many challenges they will face in life, and we will set them up for a life of success.  We will not teach a purely secular and humanistic worldview like what is taught in public schools and many private schools today.  We will not shy away from equipping our students to recognize competing philosophies.  We will offer a curriculum that will prepare them for success.  We will not teach them what to think.  We will teach them how to think.  We offer a solid Christian education at a value that you cannot put a price on, yet is very affordable.  We believe that you should consider Alpharetta Christian Academy because you care about the future of your child, and so do we.

At Alpharetta Christian Academy, the Middle School experience begins in sixth grade and concludes at the end of eighth grade. We begin the process of transitioning our fifth-grade students from the Lower School to the Middle School in hopes of making the transition a smooth one.  ACA offers great opportunities for learning and growth. In conjunction with a strong academic program, students also participate in physical education classes and a variety of enrichment classes. We are in the beginning stages of developing an athletic program.  Each year opportunities are also offered for school trips, team-building trips and experiences, and social events.

We invite you to take a tour of our facilities or even set up a shadow day for your student.  We welcome you to experience what Alpharetta Christian Academy has to offer. For further information please call the Debbie Burleson at 770-475-5762, email her at, or complete this online form.  If you are new to ACA and would like to apply, you may access the application with this link.